Today is the day I begin my travels to The Gambia! It’s crazy to think that my countdowns are now at zero, and I am on my way to living and working in West Africa for seven weeks.

Seven weeks is a long time to be an ocean away from home. Technology is an always useful tool to keep in touch while gone, but often I find myself too absorbed in maintaining contact with those at home rather than living in the moment with people around me. As such, I’ve determined that I will be living technology-limited this summer, only coming online to update the blog and reassure my family that I am alive and well. My hope is that I will learn to fully appreciate the culture and gain as much knowledge as I can during my brief stay.

This has made saying goodbye to friends and family a bit harder. Luckily, I have some pretty great people in my life to remind me that this trip will be the experience of a lifetime.


True friendship?

Remix to Ignition is a one of my favorite songs.

Definitely a good omen for the trip.

These are just a few of the farewell texts I’ve received. I’m lucky to be able to come back home in a few weeks to see these wonderful people. But for now, I’m off to The Gambia!


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