12 Days; until the last day of my sophomore year of college.

14 Days; until all my finals are finished and I can return home for a week of relaxation.

26 Days; until I begin my journey to spend the majority of my summer in The Gambia.

It’s unbelievable that these countdowns have reached the point where they are mere weeks away rather than months.

I am traveling to The Gambia with a group of 20 other students from Juniata College, along with one of our professors and our school’s provost. For three weeks, we will explore the country to immerse ourselves in the culture and community. Then, on June 6th, everyone will return to the states. Except for me, that is. For the following four weeks after the rest of my group leaves, I will stay in The Gambia to work with MyFarm, an organization that helps educate citizens of the country about sustainable agriculture and business techniques.

This internship wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing alumni of Juniata College who donate funds to the Super Internship program. This program aims to assist students with the financial aspect of their summer internship, which could otherwise make them unable to work where they hope to. I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive one of these Super Internships in order to work and live in The Gambia without financial stress, for which I am extremely grateful.

Check back over the summer, once my countdowns have reached zero, to see how my internship is progressing and learn more about agriculture in The Gambia!


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